3 mins ago

    Tension between Jon Sistiaga and Roma Gallardo: “Youtubers like you take advantage of people”

    Roma Gallardo He is known on YouTube as one of the most important content creators in Spain thanks to his…
    8 mins ago

    They knock out the famous brother of a famous footballer in a fight in Ibiza: unconscious for six minutes

    Wayne Linekerowner of popular Ocean Beach de Ibiza and brother of the famous ex-footballer Gary Linekerwas punched in the chin…
    20 mins ago

    Pedro Marques Lopes: “Montenegro and Pedro Nuno’s strategy was defeated”

    European democrats continue to be in the majority in Strasbourg and Lisbon, but don’t think that extremists haven’t made a…
    22 mins ago

    Robespierre, Lenin, Ventura and the immigrant from Praça do Almada

    When André Ventura called “enemies of the people†journalists who had reported his meeting, in Póvoa de Varzim, with an…
    25 mins ago

    Europeans: more troops for the war against humanity

    Let’s start with numbers, which are the most common way to “normalize†mystifications. Of the 720 members of the European…



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