A Innocent Omission Made C-3PO’s Star Wars Casting A Bit Awkward

Daniels remembered the little linguistic error when speaking to manufacturing secretary Patricia Carr and producer Robert Watts. They wished to solid him in a physique mildew, not in the role of C-3PO. He stated: 

“After I went again for the second interview, Pat Carr, the manufacturing secretary, requested when may I’m going to the studios to be solid. […] She meant ‘solid in plaster,’ so I stated I hadn’t been solid within the half but. She appeared barely embarrassed and so did Robert Watts. I assumed that was a bit unusual.” 

After all, because it so occurred, there was a double confusion. Plainly Daniels, when he discovered he did not have the position but, went to the director to plead his case. It would not be till later that Daniels would be taught that Lucas had certainly already solid him as C-3PO someday earlier. The secondary confusion, nonetheless, could be blamed on Daniels’ secretive expertise agent. He stated: 

“… I went in and talked to George once more for about an hour, and I requested him, ‘Cannot I play it, as a result of I would actually prefer to.’ And he stated sure. It was only a fuel. It was like profitable a prize. However I later discovered that Lucas had solid me the primary time — and my agent hadn’t wished to inform me about it in case I hated the entire concept! So I used to be enthusiastic about the entire thing and began going to the studios to have the costume made.”

One will do properly to recall that “Star Wars” was regarded upon with a number of skepticism by the Hollywood system again when it was nonetheless in manufacturing. As such, it is smart that Daniels’ agent would supply their consumer an “out,” simply in case he modified his thoughts.

He did not.


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