Breeze Pressure One Had A Villain Backstory That We By no means Were given To See

Now, Marlowe says the precise backstory he wrote for Gibbs has been “lost to the wind. It’s been 28 years since I wrote it.” Then again, he was once ready to color the extensive strokes and specify that it was once a “financial motivation,” now not a “political motivation” (“This was at a time when the Secret Service was considered apolitical,” Marlowe provides).

“[Gibbs] was a guy whose career never got to where he wanted it to be and he could never afford the things he wanted in life. He didn’t feel special in his world and those are the ingredients for somebody who can be cultivated, somebody who can be turned, somebody who can be paid off.”

The weakness is that Gibbs simplest unearths himself as a traitor to Marshall once they’re seeking to evacuate the crashing aircraft. Consistent with Marlowe, Petersen felt this was once the mistaken while for any longer exposition: “Hey, we can’t stop the movie when it’s the face-off between the president and the Secret Service agent to have this explanation,” he recollects the director pronouncing.

In lieu, Gibbs’ motivation is vaguely alluded to when Korshunov throws some patriotism again in Marshall’s face: “Mr. President, do you know how I got on this plane? Money. God bless America.”

Consistent with Marlowe, “couch[ing]” the incentive in Korshunov’s worldview like this reinforces his motivations: “In his mind, the capitalist system corrupts.” Marlowe continues, “We’ve seen these people who have been traitors to our country, who have been cultivated as assets and they’ve been paid off. They’re getting their money and they’ve lost their belief system. So for me, that was interesting enough, looking at it … from Gary Oldman’s character’s side.”

I believe this was once the best name; Gibbs doesn’t want motivation past cash, nor does there want to be a deeper exploration of that. Next all, no one watches “Air Force One” for the politics.


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