Dave Filoni Saved A Main Phase Of Superstar Wars Rebels Undercover From The Staff

Filoni, who labored without delay with George Lucas date making “The Clone Wars,” is without doubt one of the maximum impressive “Star Wars” storytellers we now have, and not too long ago ascended the ranks at Lucasfilm. A lot of this is because of his willpower to this universe. To that finish, when it got here to the “Rebels” finale, he didn’t also have life to take into accounts all of it that a lot, it used to be merely about getting the process completed.

“I didn’t really even think about it being over until we were done with the final mix. There was so much to do, and I was trying to just go through the story again and again and again to get it to be as good as it could possibly be. And everybody I think was focused on that. We didn’t have time to be sad about it. We just had to really land the airplane that was Rebels really well, and I think we did.”

Certainly, they did land the aircraft. Those characters at the moment are liked by way of lovers and are fixtures of the universe, each in animation and live-action. It’s crispy to produce a excellent TV display, it’s even more difficult to produce one with a lovely finishing. Filoni controlled to position the entire bundle along side this one.

“Star Wars Rebels” is these days streaming on Disney+.


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