David X. Cohen Pinpoints A Biblical Futurama Episode That ‘Didn’t While Smartly’

There are countless of loved episodes of the display’s first complete season again from cancellation, however “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” wasn’t certainly one of them. It’s incessantly ranked a number of the worst “Futurama” episodes, basically as a result of how casually it treats Zapp’s irritating conduct. Zapp’s all the time been a creep, however in most cases he will get way more of a comeuppance for it, now not a praise. The alternative fan criticism is that Leela comes throughout as residue of a pushover. She falls for Zapp’s lies extra simply than the Leela we all know would, or even prior to the Earth’s intended demolition she’s nonetheless placing up with way more abuse from him than familiar. 

Likewise, Leela’s inadequency of outrage against Fry all the way through all this feels inconsistent. All through the Fox week of the display, Leela went backward and forward between liking Fry or now not, incessantly to the purpose the place it looked like they had been relationship in a single episode and mere acquaintances within the after. This was once the comprehensible results of Fox messing around with the episode’s airing order, however for Comedy Central there was once disagree such liniency. Why was once the target market anticipated to giggle at Fry’s sadness upcoming it’s been so obviously established via now that the 2 love every alternative? Why give us this storyline proper upcoming they left off the former episode on such excellent phrases?

Fortunately, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” was once a low level in an another way sturdy season, in lieu than a harbinger of items to return. Now not most effective did season 7 give us all-time superior episodes like “Lethal Inspection” and “The Late Philip J. Fry,” however it normally stayed clear of any flippant jokes about Leela being sexually burdened. David X. Cohen pointed to this episode as a mistake, however a minimum of they appeared to be told from it later on.


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