Futurama Blindsided Billy West By way of Having Him Audition For Fry

For the “Futurama” auditions, and certainly for all accentuation auditions for animated displays and films, an actor is proven a drawing or a design of a personality and nearest requested what they may tone like. The actors can have, as discussed, a accentuation they’ll intend to accomplish, however it is going to most likely trade relying on personality design. West had voices prepped however wasn’t even fascinated with the function of Fry, as he used to be informed the function were stuffed already. As such, when requested, West used to be startled:

“[T]hey show you a picture of the character. I sat there and I was ready to do a couple of characters. But they had already cast Fry, and so I wasn’t ready for that. And they said, ‘What do you think?’ And I had to pull something out of my ass really fast. It was what I sounded like when I was 25. I was in a band and I was all whiny and nasally and complain-y. ‘Ah, s***. I broke a string! Now what am I gonna do?'” 

West knew that Fry used to be to start out “Futurama” wearing unrequited affection for the cycloptic pilot Leela, the function in the end performed through Katey Sagal. His whiny, 25-year-old self, he figured, would reinforce his dynamic with the nature:

“[T]hat would be perfect for Leela. Because she’s so strong and decisive and he’s needy and all over the place. But his heart’s in the right place. So, I was a project for a girl. That’s what I based him on. I was a project. It was like, ‘Why do you wear that stained shirt? […] Look at your hair! What’s the matter? Don’t wear a stupid hat.’ And I was always like, ‘Okay, alright, alright.’ [T]hat was my interpretation.”


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