How Star Wars Introduced Drive Ghosts To Life In The Time Earlier than CGI

In John Phillip Peecher’s “Star Wars – The Making of ‘Return of the Jedi,'” Howard Kazanjian, who produced all three Unique Trilogy installments (in addition to “Raiders of the Misplaced Ark), spilled the beans on the Drive ghost course of, and the way it modified from “The Empire Strikes Again” to “Return of the Jedi.”

For “Empire,” Sir Alec was positioned in entrance of a black velvet background, the place he delivered his strains with out one other actor current. “The aura was then added to his picture, and this movie was composited along with the movie of Mark,” stated Kazanjian. Alec wasn’t a fan of this strategy. As Kazanjian noticed, “[I]t’s awfully laborious to get into the scene and ship your strains to a different actor who is not even there.” That is, after all, commonplace now within the age of CG-laden blockbusters, the place characters and complete environments are added in post-production, however on the time, for the classically educated Sir Alec, this held zero attraction.


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