Insurrection Moon’s ‘Seven Samurai’ Workforce Ranked

Yup. I’m a Kai apologist. Sorry if that’s disappointing, however are we in point of fact anticipated to soak up the ones blue ocular and smarmy smile (decked out in grillz that shouldn’t paintings, however completely do) and now not be completely charmed by way of him? You want to argue that his last-minute betrayal carries this type of sting as a result of Kai is so damned fascinating. Even though you noticed it coming from a mile away, you had been most certainly rooting for him to end up your internal cynic incorrect — and that’s completely by way of design.

From the year he’s offered (in Snyder’s riff at the notorious cantina scene from “A New Hope,” refuse much less), Kai is located because the Han Solo of the crew. The swaggering bounty hunter is a tiny too desperate to provide a hand (and rent his send!) to a gaggle of farmers with rather tiny to do business in within the method of fee. It defies all common sense, however you need to imagine it’s imaginable anyway. You need to imagine he’s on an earnest trail to redemption.

Alas, Kai isn’t just about so honorable as Han, and it’s now not too lengthy earlier than the rug’s pulled out from below us all. His last-act betrayal isn’t supreme, however it’s probably the most issues that makes “Rebel Moon” such an efficient subversion of “Star Wars.” Kai could be essentially the most discovered personality within the movie: he’s the uncommon hero that Snyder in fact takes a display, don’t inform way with, and “Rebel Moon” is all of the higher with him round.

“Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire” is these days streaming on Netflix. “Part Two: The Scargiver” premieres April 19, 2024.


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