Lady Says Breastfeeding Her Husband Introduced Them ‘Nearer’

Each marriage is exclusive, and Rachel and Alexander Bailey say that breastfeeding is an enormous a part of their union. In reality, the 30-year-olds notice that it’s an act of intimacy that’s helpful and in the end makes their relationship “stronger.”

The Couple Calls Breastfeeding An Act Of “Emotional Bonding”

The couple just lately spoke on their setup throughout a sit-down with Metro.

An on-camera interview clip opens with Rachel silently breastfeeding her husband. She then discusses how she “see[s] nothing flawed” with the act.

“I don’t see nothing flawed with breastfeeding my husband. I really love the bond. It helps me out, [and] it finishes off the job.”

As for the way this association started, Rachel says she had forgotten a breast pump whereas on a cruise again in 2017, leading to her breasts being “badly engorged for 2 days.” In flip, she and Alexander did what they needed to do.

“I used to be in a lot ache and I used to be scared about getting an an infection, so we determined that my husband was going to strive ingesting the milk to alleviate me.”

Within the course of, Alexander realized he loved the style and “felt a lot extra energized” upon ingesting Rachel’s breastmilk.

After discussing what number of will contemplate an grownup consuming human breast milk to be taboo, Rachel says they wished to talk out about it “in order that those that do it don’t really feel alone.” She was additionally positive to say that breastfeeding “isn’t a kink” for them.

In flip, Alexander chimes in and calls the act “a pure factor.”

“That is only a pure factor. A pure liquid, milk, coming from a human, and it’s not hurting anyone.”

He goes so far as to name it “a necessity” earlier than Rachel notes that she prefers this technique versus utilizing breast pumps.

Earlier than wrapping up, Rachel says that she and Alexander “positively encourage” others to strive it out to assist with points like breast engorgement.

“You don’t should really feel bizarre or flawed about doing so.”

After all, there’s additionally the intimacy of the act, and it “introduced [them] nearer as a pair.”

“It began as Alexander simply serving to me out after I was in ache, nevertheless it become extra of an emotional bonding factor. … It has additionally created a extra particular bond between us which we by no means would have had if we didn’t begin this.”

Whereas with regards to the Baileys, we must always notice that they starred on TLC’s My Strange Addiction. Moreover, they’ve acknowledged it on their YouTube channel.

The Roomies Chime In On Instagram: “Can’t She Simply Make Him A Protein Shake?”

Beneath The Shade Room‘s add on the topic, folks reacted to the story at hand.

One Roomie going by @elayneokaya humorously proclaimed, “Your coffins can be so gentle as a result of y’all are decided to take nothing to the grave. Nothing in any respect.”

Equally, @kendricke4rm mentioned that it was “completely okay” to maintain some topics personal.

“It’s completely okay to hold somethings off social media. I promise you it isn’t a criminal offense nor will anybody punish you for it. . . I promise.”

As for @cherrishblackofficial, she said, “Properly he appears to be like wholesome and powerful. However can’t she simply make him a protein shake?”

A Roommate going by @lightskinkim gave grave by writing, “I imply that is totally different for my part nevertheless it’s your life.” Nonetheless, she was positive to notice that she and different viewers “might’ve went the remainder of our lives not figuring out this.” Oop!

Not everybody had this sentiment, although, as @vibewithredd_ mentioned she was “right here for this.”

“I’m really right here for this. Undecided why, however I’m… Similar to they each mentioned, it’s actually hurting nobody however Thi’s delicate souls on-line.”


Nonetheless, she added, “Until she’s not feeding a child too and this simply retains her milk manufacturing going bc it’s giving we might’ve shut down store already.”

What are your ideas on the couple’s confession, Roomies?

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