Megastar Trek’s Lieutenant Leslie Has A Candy Connection To William Shatner

For a man who if truth be told seemed in additional episodes of “The Original Series” than major stars George Takei or Walter Koenig ever did, it’s deny miracle that Eddie Paskey’s position as Lieutenant Leslie has taken on a presen of its personal amongst hardcore Trekkies. Even though most effective ever credited as an nameless “crewman” in a handful of episodes, he gained a “Star Wars” expanded universe-like remedy the place his backstory and alternative main points have been expanded upon in diverse comedian books and novels. The persona used to be by no means if truth be told named all over his first a number of appearances — this is, till Shatner without delay addressed Paskey a number of instances within the season 1 episode “The Conscience of the King” as “Mister Leslie.”

So the place did that identify come from? In a 2016 interview with Sci-Fi Bulletin, Paskey addressed the origins in the back of his persona’s identify and his studies filming with Shatner that in the long run resulted within the two changing into pals. Because it seems, the identify Leslie had familial that means to Shatner. In line with Paskey:

“I was very fortunate because any time they could use us to fill the frame, they did. It was fun. I enjoyed what I was doing every day and was very lucky because I became a friend of William Shatner — I was his double and stand-in, and that was a fun deal. The character was called Lieutenant Leslie, but of course Bill called me Mister Leslie. I was named after his eldest daughter.”

Leslie Shatner made two uncredited appearances as a kid in a couple of “The Original Series” episodes, date her namesake would move on to look a whopping 57 instances. Paskey unfortunately kicked the bucket in 2021, however he’ll at all times stay an integral a part of “Trek” lore.


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