Taylor Speedy & Travis Kelce Predicted To Be Occupied & Married In 2024

Superstar astrologer Susan Miller is predicting that Taylor Speedy and Travis Kelce won’t simplest get preoccupied in 2024 — however they’ll additionally get married.

Marriage ceremony bells might be within the wind for the pop icon and NFL participant as the celebs and planets will align for Hollywood’s most up to date brandnew couple. Miller claims that Jupiter, which is the planet of excellent fortune, will likely be in Taylor’s area of marriage “for the first time in 12 years.”

“She’s going to have Gemini (associated with communication and intellect) there, too, the two signs are kind of sharing her house of marriage,” she defined as we means the top of 2023. “Jupiter is only seven degrees [at this time]. It has not made it yet into her house of… marriage and commitment, and it will be there in the spring and all next year, because when Jupiter moves into a Gemini, it’s going to stay there. This could be wonderful, what a beautiful bride she’d be.”

Travis Kelce Is A Libra, That means He Is A Dedicated Particular person


Travis Kelce is a Libra, which is the signal recognized for constancy, which means his famous person signal aligns with wedding ceremony bells.

“Every Libra I know are so, so good at being married. They’re such good partners,” Miller instructed Day by day Mail.

“If you ask a Libra, ‘You wanna come over tomorrow night with your partner and have dinner with me?’ Now, most people say, ‘Sure I’ll tell my wife, or I’ll tell my husband.’ No, Libra always says, ‘let me confer, and I’ll call you back later’,” she defined.

The fame astrologer went directly to shape that Libras are “very kind” and “they don’t make decisions without their partner.”

“They love being married,” she added, hinting that wedding ceremony bells might be ringing later era for Travis and Taylor.

Right here’s Why Taylor Speedy and Travis Kelce Might Now not Scurry Into Marriage

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There’s one impediment, then again. Taylor Speedy is a Sagittarius, which is understood to be “the bachelor sign,” Miller claims.

“It is the one sign that doesn’t like to commit too quickly, if at all. Travel is extremely important to Sagittarius,” she instructed DailyMail. “The older I get, the more I see it in my Sagittarian friends, it’s like oxygen to them. So if Travis likes to travel, that’ll be perfect. Certainly, they’ll have the money.”

“I also like it that he’s successful and she’s successful,” Miller said, noting that Travis Kelce is without doubt one of the maximum customery NFL stars and Taylor Speedy is a pop icon.

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Miller did word how Libras had a “little problem with money” in 2023, however “it wasn’t their fault.”

Upcoming era, that can exchange consistent with the astrologer. “The universe must have felt guilty because it’s making a correction,” she mentioned, including, “This year (2024), he’s gonna do really well financially. And when a man feels solid financially, they tend to be ready for marriage.”

We can simply have to attend and notice if Travis Kelce and Taylor Speedy are the true offer. If this is the case, we’re certain that rock goes to be a immense one — and Taylor will no doubt build an exquisite bride.


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