The Subsequent Technology Return Left The Writers With A lot Of Regrets

“Unification” is a political story in regards to the re-unification of Vulcan and Romulus, two worlds which have been at odds for hundreds of years. By “Star Trek” lore, when the Vulcans turned enlightened many millennia in the past, a cadre broke away, left the planet, and settled on Romulus, finally evolving into a brand new species. That was in AD 370, and Vulcan was already a sophisticated, futuristic world. By the twenty third century of “NextGen,” Spock had returned to Romulus to have interaction in a decades-long diplomatic mission to reunite the worlds. It was a tough enterprise, nonetheless, because the Romulans are devious and conniving. Nimoy returned to play Spock, the primary time he had appeared on a Trek TV present since 1969.

In keeping with the “Star Trek” head honcho on the time, Rick Berman, Nimoy was known as into the Paramount workplaces with a double supply. Not solely was he to seem in Nicholas Meyer’s “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country,” however they wished him to go his legacy to NextGen as properly. Nimoy initially balked. Berman recalled: 

“It got here out of Frank Mancuso, the chairman of Paramount on the time, who mentioned to Leonard after they had been planning ‘Star Trek VI,’ why do not you determine some option to go the baton. Perhaps you could possibly make some parts of ‘Star Trek VI’ that replicate on ‘Subsequent Technology’, and work with Berman to make ‘Subsequent Technology’ replicate ‘Star Trek VI.’ I sat down with Leonard and Nick Meyer, and we mentioned parts of our present. Mike and I spent numerous time kicking issues round, and eventually we got here again to Leonard with an thought he did not notably like.” 

A cheerful medium, nonetheless, was reached. Berman mentioned he “made a giant change within the room and [Nimoy] beloved it.”


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