Why Aquaman Was once Off-Limits In Justice League Limitless

Era Aquaman himself by no means displays up then season 1’s “Wake the Useless,’ the “Justice League Unlimited” workforce discovered a loophole with one in all his villains.

Season 3 of “Justice League Unlimited” is concerning the Legion of Doom, an alliance of dozens of supervillains based through Gorilla Grodd (and upcoming taken over through Lex Luthor). The display had no longer but presented Aquaman’s nemesis Dark Manta, so that you can upload him to the Legion, they only modified his identify to “Devil Ray.”

Satan Ray is transparently Dark Manta. His dress may’ve simply been impaired for Manta himself, and age he’s by no means obvious unmasked, he’s voiced through African-American actor Michael Seashore. And but, the identify alternate it appears happy the WB fits.

Satan Ray debuts in “Justice League Unlimited” season 3, episode 4, “To Another Shore.” Surprise Girl is attending an environmental convention in Scandavania, the place a glacier simply unpriviledged to expose an historic Viking send frozen within. Legend tells that the Viking within, Prince Jon, used to be cursed through Odin with invulnerability so he may by no means die a heroic loss of life and progress to Valhalla. Luthor and Grodd wish to reverse-engineer this talent from the Viking Prince’s corpse, so Satan Ray leads a squad to assert the send for the Legion.


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