17 years after the first one, which NOS Alive is this? The usual, but in another room

TThere is enough offer so that each spectator can be “always doing something they like†: 17 years after the first edition, this continues to be the priority of NOS Alive, which returns from Thursday to the Algés Promenade, in Oeiras. The person who assumes this intention is Ãlvaro Covões, director of the event and the promoter Everything Is New, which, in addition to NOS Alive, organizes a good part of the hall concerts that, annually, pass through Portugal. To Expresso, the 61-year-old businessman, whose career in shows began in the mid-90s, was enthusiastic about the new edition of the festival he created in 2007. In 2024 , as in this inaugural year, Pearl Jam are the big attraction, with a concert scheduled for July 13th. As soon as Eddie Vedder’s band, one of the most beloved in Portugal, was announced, the race for tickets took off, selling out on that third day, on which The Breeders, Sum 41 and Blasted Mechanism will also perform, just to talk about the NOS stage, the largest of the five that, for three days, will host concerts, comedy performances and DJ sets. This year, NOS Alive’s capacity stands at 55 thousand people per day and, according to Ãlvaro Covões, tickets for the 12th, with Dua Lipa as headliner, are also close to selling out. As for the ‘journey’ on the 11th, headlined by Smashing Pumpkins (who, interestingly, also played at the first Alive) and Arcade Fire, it is the least popular, but until the event starts, he believes the promoter, all tickets must be sold. What is the secret, after all, of a festival with this level of success?

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