Airport is not built only with private investment and needs consensus to move forward, warns expert

The paradigm of investment in large infrastructures has changed in the 21st century, and airports in liberal democracies are only built with the consensus of society and the agreement of environmentalists, warns Nuno Gil, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California , and professor at Manchester Business School, where he researches and teaches courses related to investment in large infrastructures, the so-called “megaprojects”, addressing issues such as planning, value creation and the social and economic ecosystems that involve them.

Therefore, he defends, in an interview with Express, that the country must begin a debate on financing and social impact as soon as possible so as not to waste years later fighting in court. “There is an issue that I have not yet seen discussed, and which is relevant: who is going to finance these investments. I do not believe that an airport can be privately financed. Social and environmental demands are There will be so many, and there are many support infrastructures that will have to be built”, he stated.

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