Álvaro Covões: “Many years ago, he opened a croissanteria in Campo Pequeno. Suddenly there were 100 and most of them closed. It’s the same at festivals”

Director of NOS Alive and the show promoter Everything Is New, Ãlvaro Covões came to Posto Emissor to talk about the next edition of the Algés festival, which starts on July 11th, and the panorama of live music in Portugal.

About the fact that, in the United Kingdom, more than 170 festivals have disappeared in the last five years, the businessman did not appear concerned. “Many years ago, when I was at college, a croissanteria opened in Campo Pequeno,†he recalls. “And it was such a success that, suddenly, 100 croissanterias opened. Of course most of them closed. It’s the same thing at festivals: some are successful and others are not.â€

Listen to the full answer at 16 minutes and 43 seconds:


Francesco Giganti

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