Among videos of reactions to the result of the French legislative elections there is one from 2022

The video


After the results of the French legislative elections were announced this Sunday, videos began to circulate of various reactions to the unexpected victory, in the opinion of the polls, of the New Popular Front, the left-wing bloc led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

In several montages, videos were placed side by side to demonstrate the contrast between the reactions of those who supported the left-wing alliance and those who expected the victory of the National Union, Marine Le Pen’s radical right-wing party.

But are all these videos really about the 2024 legislative elections?

The facts

Although many of the videos are, in fact, true and show, as a general rule, the celebrations of left-wing supporters and the disappointment of supporters of Marine Le Pen’s party, there is at least one that has been released and was not even recorded in 2024 .

The video in question shows a group of Le Pen supporters reacting negatively to the election results, but not the legislative ones and not in 2024. The images were filmed in 2022 and refer to the French presidential elections of April 24th, which were won by Emmanuel Macron with around 58% of the votes.

A report broadcast by French television BFMTV shows the same images and indicates that they were recorded in Hénin-Beaumont, Marine Le Pen’s stronghold. The report was posted on site from the television station on April 25, 2022.

Even on social media, the video has also been circulating since 2022.


One of the videos circulating on social media and, it is alleged, shows reactions of Le Pen supporters to the results of the 2024 elections is not current. In fact, it shows a group of supporters of French politics reacting negatively to the results of the 2022 Presidential Election, won by Emmanuel Macron.


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