Ângelo Ramalho arrived with Isabel dos Santos at Efacec, survived nationalization and passed on his testimony to Mutares (and he is not the only one)

Ângelo Ramalho will leave the executive presidency of Efacec at the end of the month, and the current chairman, Christian Klingler, will replace him on an interim basis, accumulating functions. Ramalho became executive president of Efacec in 2015, at the invitation of Isabel dos Santos and Mário Leite Silva, who then assumed the role of president of the board of directors (chairman). He arrived with the mission of helping the company grow and overcome the difficulties it was already facing. In June 2020, following the Luanda Leaks scandal, the State nationalized Isabel dos Santos’ stake and kept Ramalho in leadership, a decision that was not consensual within the company .

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