Apple reaches agreement with European Union on Apple Pay system

The European Commission decided accept this Thursday a series of commitments proposed by Apple, with the aim of responding to concerns about the technological giant’s anti-competitive practices with its mobile wallet solution, Apple Pay. The company thus avoids fines from European Union regulatory authorities.

The Commission’s investigation, which began in 2022, concluded that Apple refused to give rival programmers access to NFC technology in iPhones, reserving it exclusively for Apple Pay, which impeded competition to offer its mobile wallets to iPhone users.

“NFC technology was not developed by Apple. This is a standardized technology. It is available free of charge. Compared to other technologies such as QR code payments, it allows for the most secure and seamless mobile payment experience. It is the most widespread solution in the EU,†explained Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition.

To respond to concerns, the technology company proposed a set of commitments, which have now become binding. Apple will allow third-party mobile wallets to access essential iPhone features such as Double-Click, Face ID, or Touch ID. With the new access, systems such as PayPal, Google Pay or Samsung Pay will be able to compete better and lead more European customers to use their applications instead of Apple’s. iPhone users will also be able to set their preferred mobile wallet as the default option, providing greater flexibility and choice.

Apple has until July 25th to implement these changes, allowing developers to offer mobile wallets with the same “tap and go” experience as Apple Pay.

The commitments will be in force for ten years, and, if it violates the agreement, Apple risks a fine that could reach 10% of its annual revenue.

This decision marks a temporary relief from current regulatory tensions between Apple and the EU, including a €1.8 billion fine earlier this year for alleged unfair competition in the streaming of music.


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