Arcade Fire performed at a restaurant-bar in Lisbon before NOS Alive

Arcade Fire surprised fans this Wednesday with a DJ set at “Praia no Parque†, a restaurant-bar in Parque Eduardo VII, in Lisbon.

In a video shared by artist agent Inês Mendes da Silva, it is possible to see Win Butler, Régine Chassagne and multi-instrumentalist Paul Beaubrun, in a DJ set that included ‘Mellow Yellow’, by Donovan, †˜Come on Eileen’, by Dexys Midnight Runners, ‘Modern Dance’, by David Bowie, and even ‘I Will Always Love You’, by Whitney Houston, with Régine performing †˜Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’, by Arcade Fire themselves.

The group will take to the main stage of NOS Alive this Thursday at midnight.

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