Between bathing in the river and culture, in Braga it’s time to celebrate the freshness of green wines

With more than 2000 years of history, Braga is one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. It was founded by the Romans in 16 BC and named “Bracara Augusta†in honor of Emperor Caesar Augustus. The city’s long history is visible in its monuments and churches, with the cathedral being an example of so many styles, from Roman to Baroque. Anyone who visits Braga takes a trip back to Pre-History. The city is cosmopolitan, with numerous contemporary artistic projects and a strong cultural dynamic in the various museums. Between gardens, river beaches and trails, there are many corners of nature in the municipality to explore, creating a mix of offerings between the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility and well-being of rural Minho.

The culinary art of Braga is a point of honor, based above all on the multiple recipes for Bacalhau such as “Bacalhau à Braga†, as well as on the influences of the many religious orders that lived and live there and created high-quality convent sweets. template. Taste the “queens†TÃbias de Braga, Biscainhos, Moletinhos, Fidalguinhos, Viúvas and Sameirinhos, and top it off with the Pudding Abade de Priscos. Bathed by the Cávado river, which gives its name to one of the 18 sub-regions of the Vinhos Verdes Demarcated Region, it has a climate suitable for the production of white wines that are an invitation to tasting , both during the Vinho Verde Fest and throughout the year in the many producing wineries.

Yes from Braga

Places of worship: Braga Cathedral and Bom Jesus

To get to know the theme of the cult, we suggest a first route called “The Treasury-Museum of the Cathedral of Braga†, in the historic center of the city of Braga, inserted in the monumental complex of the Cathedral of Braga, more specifically, in the old Casa do Cabido, an 18th century building, admires the collection of sacred art, which covers more than a thousand years of Christian life inspired by the Cathedral. A second route, “Chapels and Coro Alto†, includes a visit to the chapels of the Kings, S. Geraldo, Glória, Coro Alto and organs of the Cathedral and is guided by an expert. Finally, discover the place of worship itself, which is Braga Cathedral (Tel. 253263317). The next suggestion is a mandatory visit. Classified as World Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, (Tel. 253276636), Bom Jesus do Monte (or Bom Jesus de Braga) has the oldest funicular in the world, known as Elevador do Bom Jesus and opened in 1882, Stairs, fountains and baroque statues, surrounded by a blanket of centuries-old vegetation, which adds a history with genesis in the 19th century. XIV. Walk through the various Staircases – the Portico, Cinco Sentidos and Virtudes -, admire the beautiful baroque garden in Largo do Pelicano and the Adro do Bom Jesus, where, after accepting the challenge of climbing the 573 steps of the long staircase, you will find a set of statues representing biblical characters linked to the Passion of Christ.

Bridge Park

Trails of history, nature and heritage

Via XVII connected, during the Roman Empire, the cities of Bracara Augusta (Braga) and Asturica Augusta (Astorga). The route of Via XVII passes close to a small source of the Este river, where the route begins, and then passes the city of Braga. Full of history, this route also evokes the battle in the 19th century, which pitted the Portuguese army against the French invader. At the source of the Este river, the environment is bucolic and the route continues through the Picos mountains, where greenery and pastoralism combine; the Gerês mountains, the city of Braga, and on the distant coastal horizon you can glimpse the Atlantic Ocean. For an experience more linked to the built heritage, which showcases the Tibães Monastery and its surroundings, the Couto de Tibães Trail, which once extended across a vast area around the monastery to the river Cávado, for lands that allowed him to become one of the richest and most powerful in the region. There are several points of interest that, along 9 km, highlight the Monastery’s intimate connection with the surrounding area marked by an unusual wealth of heritage (Bragatours. Tel. 968917555).

Nature trails in Braga

CM Braga

Adaúfe River Beach

Adaife, Merelim and Ponte do Bico

The Adaúfe river beach will perhaps be the highlight of the river beaches in the district of Braga. Bathed by the Cávado River, it is just 15 minutes from the center of Braga. With shadows and crystal-clear waters, it has a picnic area and pedal boat and canoe rentals to admire the various dams with waterfalls and an old mill with a water engine. It has a café/bar. Discover the river beach of the same name in São Paio de Merelim and also, on the left bank of the Cávado, on the N101 under Ponte do Bico, precisely Ponte do Bico beach in the town of Outeiro in the parish of Palmeira . It has a leisure park and a restaurant and bar, with sun loungers to enjoy the golden sunset over the Cávado River.

Roman terms

The Roman Baths and the Fountain of the Idol

It was during work at the University of Minho that the ruins of the 2nd century Roman Baths were found, in Alto da Ctividade, in Braga. Space for socializing and relaxation for the Romans who did not neglect their physical form and in addition to different cold and hot rooms, they had, in this space, a lecture, a kind of gymnasium of the time . When visiting the Thermal Baths, it is recommended to watch a video about the operation, usefulness and evolution of the building. We recommend a guided tour (Tel. 253278455) that joins the Baths and the Fountain of the Idro, or “Quintal do Idro†, a sanctuary dating from the beginning of the 19th century. I, dedicated to the goddess Nábia, and the deity of the “veiga bracarense†Tongonabiagus, closely linked to the cult of water and fertility. Classified as a National Monument since 1910, the Fountain of the Idol was the subject of important museum works, which resulted in the current building that protects the monument and allows the public to visit it. Enjoy brunch at Colinatrum, a café with a terrace located in Alto da Civilidade.


CM Braga

Read, paint, shape and learn

This independent bookstore sells books, organizes exhibitions, book presentations, debates, concerts, children’s entertainment and workshops. The 100th Page is an original, unique space, installed in Casa do Rolão, an example of civil architecture from the 18th century, in the baroque style attributed to André Soares, in the heart of city ​​of Braga. It has been classified as a property of Public Interest since 1977. It also has a cafeteria where you can have lunch and a garden to relax (Tel. 253267647). For other artistic experiences, visit the studio designed by Coletivo Cobalto (Tel. 92608991925), which includes Mariana Jerónimo from Braga and Miguel Fernandes from Albicastr, dedicated to the creation and sale of ceramic pieces. Now with Cave Coletivo it is time to learn all forms of visual and performative expression, from ceramics to illustration, photography, music and theater (Tel. 927496182). Because a museum that was born in 1918 cannot be ignored even more given its dynamic agenda, visit the D. Diogo de Sousa Museum, which preserves and values ​​regional and national archaeological heritage (Tel. 253273706).

Vinho Verde Fest

Taste the best green wines

In the heart of Minho and in the Vinhos Verdes region, the 11th edition of the Vinho Verde Fest, an event dedicated to sharing knowledge, socializing and tasting wine and gastronomy. Scheduled for the 12th to 14th of July, it will feature numerous wine tastings and dinners, musical entertainment, a wine competition and a fair, where there is no shortage of stands with typical local snacks. The event is free to enter, but the official cup costs two euros. According to the organization, green wines are currently “at a point of excellence†and, this year, there is “a greater number of wines proposed for competition†. On the 12th and 13th of July the Festival takes place between 6:00 pm and 2:00 am and, on the last day, July 14th, from 4:00 pm to 0:00 am.

Vinho Verde Fest

Veal and sea bass stew

Among the restaurants selected by the 2024 Boa Cama Boa Mesa Guide and distinguished with the Recheio quality seal, in Braga, the suggestion is to book a table at Tia Isabel (Tel. 968572281). The menu highlights the “Veal do bico da pá†, the “Stuffed cod in the Braga style†, the “Grilled octopus à lagareiro†, and even less traditional proposals such as the “Tiger Shrimp grilled with prawn fried rice†and an international classic, the “Roast beef Wellington†. Another option is the Arcoense restaurant (Tel. 253278952), where traditional Portuguese cuisine combines with a modern environment and friendly service, with an emphasis on seafood and fish, naturally cod, but also â “Sea bass stew†and “Lobster rice†. For meat, try the “Cabrito pingado†, served roasted on a grill dripping over rice.

“Cabrito pingado”

Vila Galé Braga Collection

Tiago de Paula Carvalho

Trio of places to rest

In Braga there are three accommodations selected by the 2024 Boa Cama Boa Mesa Guide and which bear the Recheio quality seal: The Porta Nova Collection House (Tel.253614185) in the historic center of the city, with decorative pieces the signature ones, the Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa (Tel.253144000) which has swimming pools surrounded by gardens, and the Vila Galé Collection Braga (Tel.253146000) with an ancient architectural style, a hotel dedicated to history and to the foundation of Portugal.

Nature in Braga

CM Braga

Weekend itinerary is a Boa Cama Boa Mesa initiative, with the support of Recheio, which weekly, throughout 2024, will showcase the main gastronomic events, including festivals, fairs and exhibitions, which promote regions, restaurants and local products.

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