Between Bombarral and Alenquer, in search of giant buddhas, dinosaurs and western wines

Created in response to the destruction of the Giant Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the Bacalhôa Buddha Eden invites you to discover other worlds and other cultures. In this true open-air art gallery, you can see more than 2000 modern, oriental and African sculptures.

Just 18 km from Bombarral, in Lourinhã, the Dino Park, which houses 180 full-scale models of dinosaur species with intimidating sounds. Here, there are also real fossils and the most emblematic example of the collection is a nest of dinosaur eggs around 150 million years old.

Set out now to discover the region’s wines on the “Rota da Vinha e do Vinho do Oeste†. It can be divided into three routes, which showcase the region’s cultural and gastronomic heritage. A Quinta do Sanguinhal It is one of three farms owned by the Pereira da Fonseca family in the demarcated region of Óbidos, one of the nine Denominations of Origin that make up the Lisbon Wines territory. A more direct contact with the visitor is favored and it is the Pereira da Fonseca family itself that welcomes and presents more than 100 years in the art of wine production.

It is also like family that we welcome customers at Dom José restaurant. Located in Bombarral for over 30 years, it offers traditional cuisine with contemporary details in the preparation and presentation. The great emblems of the house are the Panadinhos of lingu with bean rice and tartar sauce and the Dom José Iberian pork Feijoada with white bean rice.

For dessert, be sure to try the award-winning chocolate variations, whether in the truffles or the dark chocolate mousse with almonds.

Relax in one of the many intimate accommodations, such as the The Minimal House, with just two apartments under the smart luxury concept; O Bagos do Vilarin the neighboring municipality of Cadaval, made up of 20 wine vats, of which 14 are rooms, named after national grape varieties or, in Alenquer, at the foot of the Serra de Montejunto Protected Landscape, the This is Montejunto Eco Lodgewhere eight geodesic domes, connected by wooden walkways, offer proximity to nature.

The Boa Cama Boa Mesa program in SIC Notíciasproduced by PopUp Alive, premieres Saturday, June 15, 2024 (11:35 am) and has several repetitions throughout the week. This is the fifth episode of the thirty-fifth season of Boa Cama Boa Mesa programs.

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