Biden or plan B?

With four months to go before the 2024 presidential elections, Democrats face a perfect political storm. The President’s Surprisingly Worrying Performance Joe Biden in the debate against Donald Trump left party representatives, major donors and many Democratic-leaning voters to call for a change at the top of the party.

A few weeks ago, support for Biden was considered the Democrats’ best hope. After all, it is not easy to defeat a sitting president. Since 1932, only Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, the elder George Bush and Trump have failed to be re-elected. Scenarios in which Biden would reform or face a credible challenge in the primaries seemed unnecessarily dangerous. When Democrats Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson chose not to run for re-election – in 1952 and 1968, respectively – Republicans Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon triumphed. Likewise, a Democratic primary challenge by Edward Kennedy in 1980 helped derail Carter’s re-election campaign, ultimately sending Ronald Reagan to the White House.

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Francesco Giganti

Journalist, social media, blogger and pop culture obsessive in newshubpro

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