“Black boxes” become mandatory in new cars: is the driver’s privacy at stake?

Reducing road accidents is one of the European Commission’s main objectives. In the national case, the numbers of road accidents for 2023 increased compared to those for 2022. Last year, both on the Mainland and in the Autonomous Regions, there were 36,595 aviation accidents with victims, of which There were 479 deaths, 2,646 serious injuries and 42,890 minor injuries, according to data from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR). More than half of the accidents were caused by collisions (52.7%), but it was crashes that caused the highest number of deaths (47.3%).

EDR systems, like other safety mechanisms implemented in the meantime by Brussels, aim to reduce the number of road accidents and provide information to manufacturers to improve vehicle safety.

But what is this “black box” that new cars are required to have from this week onwards? We explain what is at stake in 10 questions and answers.

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