Botox, hyaluronic acid or plastic surgery? Discover the benefits and risks of techniques that help prevent age marks

Matilde Fieschi

Face harmonization is a technique that allows you to correct what others see first – the face, for many patients it improves self-esteem and can involve several treatments used simultaneously in the same consultation. .

To what extent are botox, hyaluronic acid or plastic surgery the best procedures? What’s new and when should you choose one or the other?

Matilde Fieschi

Find out the answers in the new Expresso Viver Sem Age podcast! In this first episode, we hear explanations from Dr. Cláudia de Sousa, a dentist specializing in facial harmonization, Dr. Óscar Prim da Costa, maxillofacial surgeon, and nutritionist Conceiç “Calhau.

Matilde Fieschi

“Living without Age” is Expresso’s new podcast, by journalist Paula Castanho. Follow the episodes and listen to tips from several experts who will teach you how to take care of yourself and promote health tips for aging, on a journey that is expected to be long and positive, without stigma or prejudice.

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