Brian Molko (Placebo): “We play everything live, but that’s not enough for some individuals. Get a life. We don’t force you to come”

Placebo issued a statement signed by vocalist and guitarist Brian Molko, through which they defended themselves from the various criticisms they received after a concert in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on June 30th.

The show, which took place at the OpenAir festival, was marked by several technical problems, forcing Placebo to leave the stage earlier than expected. Since then, the group’s fans have been arguing among themselves, on social media, because of the North American band’s performance.

“We have noticed that there is a lot of discussion, a lot of accusations and disrespect among our fans. We were also the target of many very unimaginative insults,” wrote Brian Molko, later offering an explanation for what happened. “Stefan [Olsdal] He started having some problems, which culminated in the guitar equipment stopping working. So he can no longer play songs where he is a guitarist. All the efforts of our magnificent production team were fruitless.”

Brian Molko

“We had the option of leaving and not coming back, but we came back to finish playing what was physically possible. We made several announcements in German explaining that we were experiencing temporarily irreparable technical problems,” continued the musician. “We don’t use stage recordings. Everything is done 100% live. But this seems not to be enough for some privileged and demanding individuals,†he commented.

“If these types of unavoidable situations continue to infuriate you, we suggest you go see bands where most of the music that comes from the stage is recorded. We also suggest that you gain a new perspective and try to look at this situation from a point of view that is not yours. This is just a nice way of telling you: get a life,” continued Molko, who ended by saying that the band doesn’t force anyone to come and see them. “It’s your individual choice.â€


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