Carris workers on strike for salary increase and 35 hours of work

Carris workers, drivers and brakemen, are carrying out a 24-hour strike this Thursday in protest at the administration’s lack of response to demands for a real increase in wages and progress. for 35 hours of service per week.

The strike was started by the early morning network workers at 22:00 on Wednesday, while for the remaining traffic workers it will begin at 03:00 today.

According to the Union of Road and Urban Transport Workers of Portugal (STRUP), affiliated to the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (FECTRANS), the fixed sectors are on strike between 00 :00 and 23:59 this Thursday.

The union emphasizes that all workers who begin their work period before 00:00 on Thursday, or whose longest period of work corresponds to this date, are covered by strike notice.

“They go on strike at the beginning of their working day and until the end. Workers who end their working day after 24:00 on that day are also covered”, explains STRUP, in a statement.

The union structure states that the Arbitration Court decreed minimum services for the strike, considering as necessary, namely, the operation of exclusive transport for disabled people, the emergency room and the medical center.

According to STRUP, the Arbitration Court did not accept the company’s proposal, which sought “maximum services”, with the circulation of buses.

In the last plenary, on June 19, the workers considered it “inadmissible that the Carris Board of Directors (CA) continues without responding to the constant demands”, despite the company’s “net result of 9.5 million euros” assumed by the company in the 2023 report and accounts.

Among the demands, workers demand an increase of 100 euros in the salary scale, an increase in the value of the food subsidy, evolution to 35 hours a week, with the inclusion of travel time Drive to and from the surrender sites, and pass to the Lisbon Metropolitan area.

According to STRUP, these demands “are essential not only for improving the living conditions of workers, but also for creating the conditions for the settlement that of workers necessary for the public service provided by the company and to create attractive conditions for new hires”.

STRUP calls on workers to gather at Pontinha station, at 10:30, to decide “how to continue the fight”, if the company’s Board of Directors “does not will appear at the meeting scheduled for July 23rd, at 3:00 pm, with an attitude of meeting the central demands of this struggle process.”

In the last plenary, STRUP was mandated to continue the struggle process with a strike in the first two hours and the last two hours of the daily working hours, in the week of July 15th to 19th.


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