Cavaco says that “there is no drama if the State Budget is not approved”

Former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva understands that “there is no drama if the State Budget is not approved†. In an interview with Observador, the former PR even says that it is “banal†in Europe for a Budget not to be approved.

The former head of state believes, however, that it is “very likely that the State Budget for 2025 will be approved.”But there’s no drama if it’s not approved. It is important to approve, but I currently have no indication that such a strong obstruction on the part of the opposition parties will materialize so that measures are not taken. measures that are positive for the growth of the variables that I highlighted”, he replied.

Cavaco Silva highlighted that “not approving budgets is commonplace in some European countries” and gave the example of Spain, where the prime minister “lived for two years with twelfths and no one died”.

In the interview, Cavaco Silva intends to clarify the recent “pedagogical text” he wrote in Express, “in none of its parts” defended or suggested “the holding of early elections”. In this article, the former PR writes about what he considers to be necessary for the growth of families’ standard of living over the next ten years and presents several political scenarios “with elections, early or not. oâ€.

Regarding whether the current Government of Luís Montenegro should continue until 2028, as foreseen in an electoral calendar without changes, Cavaco emphasized “the decision is exclusively made by the President of the Republic”, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. “In the past there have been many dissolutions, I hope they don’t happen, but that’s just my opinion”, says the former head of state for whom what is needed is to think in the long term. “Anyone who wants to carry out a serious analysis has to abstract themselves from what is happening at the moment†, explains Cavaco.

I am against early elections“, reinforced Cavaco, explaining that his objective with the article was to “help the Portuguese to think” about which political chess is most favorable to “increase the well-being of families” since in the next 10 years there will be “two legislative elections will take place”.

Regarding the need to make regime pacts between PSD and PS, the former President of the Republic argued that “only the extreme right and extreme left”, i.e. Chega, PCP and BE, “have inconsistent positions” with the objective set by him to take “a leap forward in the well-being of Portuguese families”. “The possibility of a regime pact could be in relation to several political forces, excluding the extremes on the left and right,” he pointed out.

With regard to the choice of António Costa for the presidency of the European Council, the former head of the executive highlighted that this “is not an executive function”, but rather a “coordination task ion, of representation and of trying to reach consensus”. “I think that Doctor António Costa can perform this role well. I think he brings prestige to Portugal and I congratulate him”, he praised. For Cavaco Silva, António Costa “was unequivocally the best choice” among European Socialists.


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