Chega/Madeira will vote against the PSD Government program

Chega/Madeira announced this Sunday that it will vote against the program of the Regional Government of the PSD, a party without an absolute majority in the Madeiran parliament, reiterating that the president of the executive, Miguel Albuquerque, does not have the conditions to be in office.

“Miguel Albuquerque does not have the political or ethical conditions to lead the government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. He is accused in a judicial process that implicates him in tentacular networks of influence and games of interests, which he cannot cannot exist in governance, nor, much less, be rewarded with silence or parliamentary complacency”, says the president of Chega/Madeira and parliamentary leader, Miguel Castro, quoted in a note sent to the newsroom ions.

The party “rejects any responsibility in the scenarios that may arise from a possible failure of the Government Program”, arguing that the fault lies with “PSD/Madeira for insisting on a candidate that they already knew would not receive the support of the majority of parties with parliamentary representation”.

“If there is instability, it is entirely the fault of the PSD, which insisted on a defendant as president. They have known for a long time that Chega does not support Albuquerque, as that is what we have been saying for months. No come now and ask Chega to give up his word just so that the PSD can keep everything as it is and continue to feed the networks of cronyism that suffocate Madeira”, reinforces Miguel Castro.

The leader of the party’s regional structure, who made possible the election of the president of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues (CDS-PP), who was only elected on the third occasion, also states that the vote against the Government “has nothing to do” with this vote.

Miguel Castro explains that Chega made the election of the president of the Madeiran parliament possible “because he is a candidate from a right-wing party” and that his party’s fight “is not against the right, but against corruption”.

The PSD won the anticipated regional elections, on May 26, with the election of 19 deputies, leaving it five terms away from achieving an absolute majority.

The PS elected 11 deputies, the JPP nine, Chega four and the CDS-PP two, while the IL and the PAN elected one deputy each.

The PSD signed a parliamentary agreement with the centrists after the elections, still falling short of an absolute majority.

The early elections in Madeira took place eight months after the previous regional elections, after the President of the Republic dissolved the Madeiran parliament, following the political crisis triggered in January, when Albuquerque was considered a defendant.


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