Children, wake up! In the 20th anniversary of “Funeral”, Arcade Fire lead the first day of NOS Alive

“Nobody expected that playground, those picaresque waltzes, that enlightened drunkenness. It was a flurry of people, instruments, choreographies. Insanity was there, clairvoyance peeked out, the sun set with pity on us They didn’t stay until the end – there were only seven, but they declared the night. Arcade Fire will never be a secret again.” The words of Sérgio Gomes da Costa in the newspaper BLITZ on August 23, 2005, are just one example of the much that Portuguese music lovers wrote about Arcade Fire in that year in which the Canadians set foot on national soil for the first time, to a concert at the Paredes de Coura festival. Those who were there never forgot; Those who were there started to follow the band wherever they went, in the eagerness to replicate such a miraculous experience, the moment when a simple concert by a hitherto unknown band has the power to change the world . Almost twenty years have passed since this collective catharsis and exactly twenty years have passed since Arcade Fire released “Funeral†, their debut album, with which they stopped playing in bars and concert halls more or less less suitable and began to occupy the stages of large arenas and large festivals. We will meet them again this Thursday on the first day of NOS Alive, in Algés.

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