China accuses NATO of “drawing ideological divisions” and “creating conflicts”

This Tuesday, China criticized NATO for “drawing ideological divisions” and “creating conflicts”, in response to accusations from the transatlantic alliance that Beijing is calling into question your interests and your security.

The statements were made by the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning, during a press conference, in reaction to the accusations of NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg , that China is providing advanced technology to Russia to produce missiles and drones, contributing to the conflict in Ukraine.

Mao stated that if NATO’s values ​​are based on “creating conflicts, provoking confrontations and exacerbating tensions by drawing lines based on ideology”, then “China cannot agree”.

It is NATO that “constantly challenges China” because “it interferes in China’s internal affairs, distorts and defames its internal and external policies and seriously challenges its interests and security”, he pointed out.

The spokeswoman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated China’s commitment to “promoting peace and talks” to resolve the war in Ukraine, and criticized NATO for not reflecting on the root causes of the conflict and not assuming its responsibility in the search for peace in Europe and the world.

China’s position reflects the growing tensions between the Asian country and NATO, which have increased in recent years due to factors such as China’s growing military power, its growing economic influence and its relationship with Russia.

Beijing is accused of not doing enough to prevent the export of technology to Moscow that could end up being used on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Last May, during a visit to Serbia, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to “never forget” the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade by NATO in 1999.

According to Fudan University expert Shen Dingli, Xi “intentionally” chose this anniversary to visit Serbia and send the message that he still sees NATO as a challenge.

A year ago, China accused the United States and NATO of being “the greatest source of risk and instability” for “international peace and security”, in response to the statement from the Atlantic Alliance summit in Vílnius.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense made these remarks in response to questions about the document published by NATO in July 2023, which mentions China as a “systemic challenge” and calls for greater cooperation with Asian partners.


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