China extradites fugitive wanted by Interpol to the United States

This Thursday, Chinese police handed over to the United States a fugitive who was on the Interpol list for sexual crimes against minors, at Pudong International Airport, in Shanghai, in eastern China.

The individual, nicknamed Scott and accused of child abuse crimes in the United States, was extradited, in yet another episode of collaboration between Chinese and American police forces in recent months, television reported the state-owned CCTV.

The fugitive had been on the Interpol list since October 2018, after being wanted by US authorities since May 2014. He was detained by Chinese police following an investigation, which concluded that he had not committed crimes sexual acts against minors on Chinese soil.

Sources from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, cited by CCTV, stated that Chinese and American law enforcement authorities recently carried out “a series of practical cooperation actions in the fields of struggle against drug trafficking, repatriation of illegal immigrants, locating fugitives and combating transnational crime”.

Last June, a joint operation between Chinese and North American authorities resulted in the arrest, in China, of a man suspected of operating an illegal currency exchange and money laundering business. linked to drug trafficking.

Last January, the first meeting of the US-China Working Group on Drugs was held, which marked the resumption of bilateral cooperation in this area between the two powers, after the meeting between the North American President, Joe Biden, and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in November last year, in San Francisco (California).


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