Complaints from deputies and delays from government officials: Entity for Transparency had to extend the deadline for income declarations

The Prime Minister’s declaration of income and interests is one that is not yet available on the Entity for Transparency (EpT) platform. This new entity – created by a 2019 law, but which was only formed in February 2023 and made the platform available in March of this year – has already received almost a thousand unique declarations of income and assets from holders of political and high public positions. However, some technical difficulties were reported in filling out the declarations on the new electronic platform, which in some cases delayed the delivery of documents that should have been made by June 2nd and had to be extended by 30 days.

The information was provided by the president of the organization, Ana Raquel Moniz, during a visit by deputies from the Parliamentary Commission on Transparency and Statute of Deputies to the facilities at Colegio de Santa Rita, in Coimbra , on June 25th. The visit was also the occasion to raise complaints from deputies, as noted in the monitoring report.

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