Constitutional confirmed a fine of €40 million, but EDP is still trying to avoid it

The Constitutional Court confirmed a sentence of 40 million euros from the Competition Authority to EDP Produção, declaring it final, but the electricity company did not consider the case closed: there is another dispute awaiting an outcome with the judges at Ratton Palace.

“In the case of EDP, [o Tribunal Constitucional] declared the final decision, and EDP is appealing against a decision that has become final,†reported Nuno da Cunha Rodrigues, the president of the Competition Authority at the hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy in which he was heard this Wednesday, July 3rd.

On June 20th, the Express reported that the Constitutional Court “declared the final decision†of the judgment of the Lisbon Court of Appeal that ruled in favor of the Competition Authority in the process in which it condemned EDP Produção to pay 48 million euros (in that court decision reduced to 40 million ). Competition confirmed this final decision, but informed that the case could not end there, which its president has now confirmed.

“Without prejudice to the aforementioned declaration of finality, EDP filed a new appeal with the Constitutional Court, which was, however, not admitted due to its untimeliness, no o excluding the promotion of new procedural interactions by EDP,” said Competition in a statement published on the website about this situation, on June 21st.

Weeks later, on July 3, the president of the AdC says in Parliament that this judicial challenge still exists, that is, in practice, there is another challenge resource that did not have still no response, which is why the case still continues.

O Express contacted the group’s communications office led by Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, who does not comment on legal cases.

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