Court in Russia issues arrest warrant for Alexei Navalny’s widow

The Bassmanni Court in Moscow today ordered the arrest in absentia of Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Alexei Navalny, leader of the Russian opposition whose death, in February in an Arctic prison, says it was orchestrated by the Kremlin.

The Russian Public Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against Navalnaya, who lives abroad, for participating in an extremist association, for which she was declared wanted.

“Yulia Borissovna (Navalnaya) escaped preliminary investigation and was therefore put on the wanted list,” the press service of the Moscow courts declared on the Telegram social network.

The court satisfied the demands of the investigation and ordered Navalnaya’s imprisonment for a period of two months from the date of her extradition to Russian territory or her detention in Russia.

Navalnaya, who has promised to continue her husband’s cause from exile, accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of being responsible for Alexei Navalny’s death and claims that his power is based on “disinformation, lies, deceptions and provocations”.

Navalny died suddenly on February 16, a month before the March 17 presidential elections, in which Putin was the favorite candidate, after taking a walk at the IK-3 penitentiary in the Arctic city of Jarp. , according to prison authorities.

The Russian opposition accuses the Kremlin of being behind his death, while Putin claims it was a natural death.


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