Discover the authentic Alentejo between the Maranhão and Montargil reservoirs

This week’s green tour departs in Avis heading to the Maranhão Dam reservoir. The water plan, with 46 km, which crosses the entire municipality, and the Avis Nautical Station are the main attractions for those looking for activities and experiences in the calm waters of these territories in the region. do Alentejo, which remains almost secret and authentic.

Albufeira do Maranhão

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Diving, rowing and picnics in the blue in Maranhão
The reservoir result from the confluence of three rivers (Ribeira de Sarrazola, Ribeira de Seda and Ribeira Grande) e occupies an area of ​​around 1960 hectares. Jnotably with the Montargil dam and the Magos dam, Maranhão it feeds the flow of the Sorraia Canal agricultural irrigation system.

Park the car on the beach Fwatercourse of the Avis Nautical Club, which hasm thatched hats, a picnic area and a camping site. Here, there is tranquility, but adventure is a tempting option. From this place it is possible to practice anautical activities in Albufeira do Maranhão, such as open water swimming, rowing, canoeing, stand-up paddlekayak or pedal boat ridesince the river beach is integrated into the Avis Nautical Club Complex. In the surrounding area there are also the Municipal Swimming Pools.

Maranhão Dam

Rowing is the featured sport in this reservoir. Due to the unique characteristics of the waters and the mild climate, the watercourse has become a destination for training international rowing teams throughout the year. O Avis Nautical Club Complex It has a 2 km long rowing track.

We also suggest a picnic on the banks of the reservoir, taking advantage of the picnic park. There is also a children’s playground, solarium, nautical hangar, restaurant, bar, campsite and municipal swimming pools.

Photo: Além Tejo Eco Boats

Solar boat trips and climb to the viewpoint
With Além Tejo Eco Boat Tours (Tel. 965755025) It is possible to embark on a 100% ecological trip, in the Maranhão reservoir. The company was created recently and uses a solar-powered boat, which allows you to fully enjoy the silence of Alentejo and the surrounding landscape. During the experience, sausages and wines from Alentejo are served and it is possible divingar in the warm waters of Maranhão. To make the tour more complete, optional activities are available, as stand up paddle.

Throughout the reservoir territory there are several discovery points accessible by car and which allow you to admire the landscape and the water mirror. At road connecting Avis to Paviastop at Miradouro dthe Maranhão Dam. Next to Benavila, another point of interest in banks of the reservoir to enjoy nature é the Chapel of Our Lady of Entre Águas, at the confluence of the Seda stream and the Sarrazola stream. There may have been a Roman temple from the year 370 AD on the site of the church. and it is proven that it was already a place of pilgrimage in the 17th century. XVIII. In this hermitage there was once a hospital for the most needy people.

The route continues to the Ervedal Bridge, which stretches over one of the arms of Maranhão, and is reminiscent of the 25 de Abril Bridge in miniature. The bridge has value as a work of art and engineering because it was designed by one of the most illustrious Portuguese civil engineers, Edgar Cardoso, also the author, among others, of Ponte da Arrábida, which connects Vila Nova de Gaia to Porto .

This Green Tour was carried out in partnership with Kia – Boa Cama Boa Mesa Official Car

From the water mirror to the centuries-old olive groves
On land, you can follow the pedestrian routes of the Transalentejo network. Highlighting the “PR1 AVS – Espelho de gua do Maranhão de Avis†, a linear route of just over 7 km, along the generous arms of calm waters and the landscape of cork oak forests. cork oaks and holm oaks, centuries-old olive groves and endless pastures.

The municipality frequently organizes walks. Two are scheduled for the month of July: “Biodiversity Station†on July 21st, at 9:00 am, with 4 km, and the “Sensory and Patrimonial Botanical Tour†with an explanatory guide to July 27th, starting at the Avis Tourist Office at 9:30 am and 3.5 km. Registrations can be made at the Avis Socio-Cultural Development and Tourism Division, at parish councils or on the form available online.

Gameiro Ecological Park

Along this green walk, it is mandatory to stop at the Gameiro Ecological Park, a natural oasis that includes the Gameiro Passadiço of around 1.5 km, a Camping and Picnic Park, the Mora and the Arborismo Park.

The Gameiro Route, on the banks of Ribeira do Raia, encompasses two aspects: the Ribeirinha Zone with 2930 meters (1500 meters on a wooden walkway and 1430 meters on a trail), and the Montado Zone (2570 meters). Along the route you will find informative signs about the fauna and flora typical of this region. There are willows and poplars, amphibians and some small fish and bird species such as the great tit and the jay.

A visit to the Fluviário de Mora (Tel. 266448130) is unmissable. It is a public aquarium dedicated to freshwater ecosystems, such as rivers and lakes. You follow the river route, explore the various species, such as large fish and exotic habitats, but the highlight is the Lontrário, with the possibility of seeing and feeding the otters.

Azenhas da Seda

Extreme adventures
Between Mora and Pavia, a small refuge invites you to commune with nature. At the confluence of two watercourses, with emphasis on the Ribeira de Sedaa space was born that is a constant challenge for those who like adrenaline. Cwith the Azenhas da Seda project (Tel. 266448036) you can practice activities such as soft-canyoningwhich invites participants to discover streams, overcome natural obstacles, with the help of fixed ropes (handrails) and quickly descend waterfalls; canoeing “Up Riverâ€in which you fight against the force of the current, going up the river through rocks, waterfalls and rapids, and “Hike & Swim”in which the progression alternates between routes taken on foot along the banks or by water, which extend to other neighboring areas, such as the Gameiro Dam or the Maranhão Dam. The little ones can venture out on the “River Safari†. At the end, there is a river beach to relax and tents glamping.

National Road 2

Water sports in Montargil

Taking advantage of the famous National Road 2 (N2), a route of around 740 km, which crosses Portugal from North to South, just 20 km from Mora, and in the municipality of Ponte de Sor is the Barragem reservoir. of Montargil, another option for practicing water sports, from sailing to wakeboardpassing through canoeing to the jet ski. The river beach invites you to swim and relax. Described as a water mirror of unique natural beauty, the area is framed by Alentejo cork oak forests. It is also a popular place for bird watching and several companies offer horse riding along the banks of the reservoir. Take a detour to the Miradouro de Montargil for a picnic or a photo with the “totem” commemorating the 75th anniversary of the N2, with the reflecting pool as a backdrop. This region is also popular with bird watching enthusiasts.

This Green Tour was carried out in partnership with Kia – Boa Cama Boa Mesa Official Car

Passeio Verde is a Boa Cama Boa Mesa initiative, with the support of Kia Portugal, which weekly, throughout the year 2024, will showcase natural spaces, experiences and activities in nature. On this Green Walk, the Boa Cama Boa Mesa team traveled aboard a Come on Niro 100% electric.

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