€20,000 in IRS to pay? What do I do? Pedro Andersson responds to this real situation

Would you know how to prevent this situation from happening? And where can you get the money to pay this debt to Finance?

You have the answer – and the warning so that this never happens to you – in this week’s episode.

“Let’s do the math” are “bonus” episodes in the middle of the week, in which I answer your simple and direct questions more briefly. There are no questions that are too basic.

The worst thing that can happen is not knowing anything about personal finances, being embarrassed to ask, and making wrong decisions (or never deciding) because of this lack of information.


How to avoid being surprised by the IRS to pay?

Share this podcast with your friends. Take this financial ride to improve your life.

This episode featured sound design by Filipe Cruz. Send your question in audio via WhatsApp 927753737.

How, where and when do I start preparing for my retirement?

Contas Poupança is a podcast by Pedro Andersson, a journalist specializing in Personal Finance, who takes advantage of his car trips to talk about money. Every Monday at 7am, a new ride to start your financial week off right. Available on all podcast applications and on the SIC Notícias and Expresso websites.


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