Fat White Family mock Idles at Glastonbury: “This is a song about how feminist I am”

The Fat White Family left IDLES ‘mouthed’ again during their concert at the Glastonbury Festival, last Saturday.

Before performing ‘I Am Mark E Smith’, vocalist Lias Saoudi pointed out to IDLES singer Joe Talbot: “This is a song about how feminist I am: it’s called â €˜I Am Joe Talbot’†.

This is not the first time that Fat White Family and IDLES have exchanged this type of “treat†. In April, Saoudi accused IDLES of “going with the tide. woke†. And, in 2020, the lead singer of Fat White Family – of Algerian descent – wrote an essay in which he stated that “we don’t need any more middle-class idiots telling us that we have to be nice to immigrants†€.

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