Four dead and dozens injured in railway collision in Czechia

At least four people died and dozens were injured in the collision between a passenger train and a freight train on Wednesday night in central Czechia, emergency services said.

Local emergency services spokeswoman Alena Kisiala told Czech public television that four passengers died from injuries sustained.

According to public television, the accident occurred shortly before 21:00 GMT (22:00 in Lisbon), near Pardubice station, around 100 kilometers east of Prague.

Around 300 passengers, including many foreigners, were on board the train, said television, which showed images of a derailed carriage and survivors boarding buses near the main station in Pardubice.

“The rescue work was complicated because the first carriage was deformed. This made access to the injured difficult,” a firefighter told journalists at the scene.

Around 60 firefighters, two helicopters and nine ambulances were mobilized, according to emergency services.

The private train Regiojet traveled from Prague to the Ukrainian city of Chop, on the border with Slovakia.

The main railway line connecting Prague with Brno and Ostrava, the country’s second and third largest cities respectively, will remain closed for several hours, Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka said.

An investigation is underway into the causes of the accident, he added.

Pardubice was the scene of the worst railway accident in the country’s history, in 1960: 118 people died and around a hundred were injured in a head-on collision between two passenger trains north of the city.


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