France turned left in the second round of the French legislature

Against all expectations, the far right was defeated on the second night of legislative elections in France. After a favorable first round, the party led by Marine Le Pen fell to third place at the end of the vote count, which led her to state that it was just a postponement of victory. Now, the question that arises is: will the new government have the capacity to govern? What obstacles will the New Popular Front have? Listen to Catarina Martins and Cecília Meireles’ analysis in the podcast version of the Linhas Vermelhas program, broadcast on SIC Notícias on July 8th.

A debate of ideas on national and international topics. On SIC Noticias on Monday, with Catarina Martins and Cecília Meireles, and on Wednesday, with Miguel Morgado and Miguel Prata Roque. Listen to other episodes here:


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