From “arrogant” to “discreet”, reactions to the PGR’s breaking of silence

PSD, Bloco de Esquerda and PS believe that the Attorney General of the Republic should have communicated more with the country. Chega defends LucÃlia Gago and talks about a more discreet way of working. Aattorney general broke the silencethis Monday, about the controversies that have involved the performance of the Public Ministry, speaking of an “orchestrated campaign†by people “with importance in the life of the nation†and criticizing personalities such as the President of the Republic and the Minister of Justice.

At SIC Notícias, in analysis of LucÃlia Gago’s statements, Duarte Pacheco, from PSD, criticized the attorney general’s stance and accused her of not wanting to provide clarification, but only to respond to those who criticized her.

“The expression he used was one of arrogance, of superiority to everything and everyone, thinking that he is God on Earth, and, therefore, he had a very clear message, which was not to explain anything. It wasn’t explaining the information leaks. It wasn’t about explaining the wiretaps that last a lifetime,… It was about responding to these individualities, because she felt stung and wanted to react,” said Duarte Pacheco.

For the Left Bloc, Fabian Figueiredo defended that the attorney general “will go down in the history of the Public Ministry†for lack of communication in six years of office.

“I regret that an Attorney General of the Republic sees the duty of information, the duty of transparency, as being able to be confused with the cult of personality,” said the Bloc parliamentary leader.

Vitalino Canas, from PSstated that he cannot criticize Lucília Gago, since she is now preparing to give explanations to the Assembly of the Republicbut assume that these could have been given sooner.

“I think I should have come to Parliament earlier and that means that there is a wrong perception of the political moment and the communicational moment before the public,†he said.

yes Filipe Melo, from Chegaconsiders that the stance taken by the Attorney General of the Republic is “of those who wants to work and in a more discreet way”.

“I have never heard anyone, in the past, say that [Lucília Gago] it should be more or less active. I heard some critics saying that I didn’t leave the palace. And now they come to criticize because Mrs. prosecutor give an interview?†he asked.


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