From positive to expected results, with the big surprise of the night: how small parties view election night

Away from the spotlight of election night, the nine parties without parliamentary seats in Portugal totaled more than 103 thousand votes between them (around 2.62%), a value that drops to around a third of the result five years ago. But if none came close to electingtheir readings of the electoral outcome are different.

National Democratic Alternative (ADN)

Among the little ones, the big victory is for National Democratic Alternative (ADN). With around 99% of the votes counted, the party that competed with commentator Joana Amaral Dias as head of the list managed to 1.37% of the vote and was even ahead of the PANwhich has parliamentary representation.

In statements to Lusa, the party president stated that despite the party not having “achieved the objectives it set out to†, the result “was positive†. Bruno Fialho considers that the ADN “imposed itself as a party with absolute credibility†, above all because it overtook the PAN, which, having parliamentary representation, “had all the possibilities with the media bodies “social†. If the party had been “put on the same level as the rest†it would have elected a candidate, he believes. The election for the European Parliament will be “for a second chance”.

Former Portugal (VP)

With a much more modest result (0.24%), but right after the PAN, was the Former Portugal (VP). The pan-European party is satisfied with the party’s results, especially at European level (where they went from one deputy to five elected in the Netherlands and Germany).

However regrets that PAN and Livre (both left out of the European Parliament) refused joint candidacy that Volt proposed at the beginning of the campaign. “Together we would have more possibilities to elect and guarantee representation. Unfortunately, the results prove that we were right,” said Duarte Costa, in statements to the Lusa agency. “The Volt grew in percentage terms in relation to In the March elections (legislative).

Duarte Costa was also pleased with the result obtained by Chega, which had fewer votes than in the March legislative elections. “It’s great news. It also shows that Chega is a one-person party and, therefore, as an organization it is worth very little,” he stressed.

The head of the list Duarte Costa in a Volt Portugal campaign action


Rise up (E)

Soon followed by the ultranationalist far-right party Rise up (E), who has not yet reacted to election night. With 0.22% of the votes and a vote of 8540 so far, the party however has a much more modest result than five years ago (when he still ran as a PNR and got almost double the votes).

New Right (ND)

It follows New Right (ND)with 0.16% of the votes, a result that the president, Ossanda Liber, considers positive in a “difficult election” in which “most parties lost around 50% of the number of votes”. “We are ahead of parties that have been around for some time”, commented to Lusa, pointing out that “there is no star presenter here”, but rather “hard work” and that the party intends to “continue to grow”.

The leader of the party formed at the beginning of this year, which had run for the first time in the March Legislature, praises the victory at European level of the ideas that ND supports. “Everything that was happening” in Europe “was clearly rejected and this is reflected in the results and in the new configuration that the European Parliament will have from Monday, which is fantastic” , reinforced the political leader.

“We really like this to be the case and I hope this also has an impact in Portugal”, adds Ossanda Líber, who believes that the AD (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) lost the elections by several ” mistakes”, starting with the choice of the head of the list, Sebastião Bugalho, who sent a “wrong message to the youth” and who should have had “another level of stance”, particularly at an ideological level. “This right, at the moment, is not convincing and needs to renew itself and that is where the New Right comes in: Portugal really needs a new right and we will continue on this path to be part of the solution”, he concluded he.

The president and head of the list Ossanda Liber in a New Right campaign action


React Include Recycle (RIR)

With the same percentage value and only around 50 votes difference, the React Include Recycle (RIR)who also has not yet reacted.

Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS)

Back to the bulletins, despite the internal conflict, the Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS) he obtained 0.13% of the votes, a result not very far from that of five years ago (when he obtained 0.20%, which is equivalent to 6,641 votes).

À Lusa, the head of the list Gil Garcia considered that the result obtained by the party “Leaves some optimism for the futureâ€, but lamented the growth of the extreme right in Europe (a fight that he had adopted as one of his main campaign themes). “We are very excited, honestly, because we got a vote very close to what we got in 2019. In 2019 there was no growth in the far right,†he said.

“Although it is a small vote, it is important not to lose heart. We are still in the fight. A breath of some optimism in relation to future electoral processes,†she pointed out.

Earth Party (MPT)

According to the results obtained, the Earth Party (MPT) obtained 0.12%, which corresponds to 4,608 votes. Faced with this vote, the head of the list stated that the result obtained in Sunday’s elections It was as expected, admitting that not being the last “was good”.

“Not coming last was good”, said Manuel Oliveira, in statements to Lusa, recalling that the MPT has already elected two MEPs in 2014. For the head of the list, Sunday’s European elections were a “challenge” as the party had to organize itself “for a month”, in a candidacy in which the motto is the causes and integration.

For a party that had “zero budget, I don’t think we could expect more”, he continued. Manuel Carreira stressed that everything that serves “to improve the quality of ecology, humanism, green causes, is important” and considered that the MPT campaign, despite “a drop in the ocean”, made its contribution it is.

Portuguese Labor Party (PTP)

In second to last is the Portuguese Labor Party (PTP), with a vote of around 4,303 (0.11%). The party that had the controversial former Madeiran regional deputy José Manuel Coelho as head of the list has not yet reacted.

We, Citizens! (NC)

Last came the We, Citizens!a dizzying drop for the party that in 2019 had garnered 34.7 thousand votes (even ahead of the newly created Liberal Initiative at the time), but in line with the votes achieved in the Legislatures (when it came in penultimate, just behind of the PPM, who ran alone only in Madeira).


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