Genuine commitment: ensuring the prosperity of democracy

In the aftermath of the scare given by France to the civilized world, by leaving at the door of government in the first electoral round, the extreme right bloc that presented itself for votes, fortunately defeated in the end, which did not Let no one be deceived, and keep the bells tolling, as whatever threatens us still hovers on the horizon.

We live in a Europe intimidated by the resurgence of nativism, nationalism, conservatism, fascism, dictatorships, populism and the like, in which the hitherto considered “vote of protest†is gradually transforming into a “vote of conviction†£o†, of those who suffer from memory deficit (recent). The phenomena of the rise of the extreme right across European countries, more than just circumstances that were confirmed and then relativized, should rather give rise to a new relationship between elected officials and citizens.

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Francesco Giganti

Journalist, social media, blogger and pop culture obsessive in newshubpro

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