Government postpones increases for doctors until 2025

The number of doctors in the National Health Service (SNS) will not be increased this year. The certainty emerged from this Wednesday’s meeting between the Ministry of Health and the Independent Doctors’ Union (SIM). In the signed negotiating protocol, it was defined that the salary discussion will be the last to move forward and could take place until the last day of March 2025.

To Expresso, the general secretary of SIM, Nuno Rodrigues, explained that the negotiating ‘script’ will have four points and will begin to be discussed on the 17th. the doctors’ performance evaluation system, the first item to be analyzed; training at the medical internship and the organization and discipline of work, such as schedules, breaks and similar aspects. The themes should be closed by the end of this year.

Only after the previous negotiating agenda has been completed will the discussion of remunerations take place. Salaries will be put on the table and closed by March 31, 2025. If there is an agreement, the increase will have retroactive effects to January of next year. Nuno Rodrigues is adamant: “We are not going to ask for more or less from this Government, just what we asked from the previous one.†In other words, the payment of the 15% increase that remained unpaid for the promised update. 30%.

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