Government wants to invite six directors of public entities to leave to concentrate on top positions

The Government is preparing to invite six directors of public entities to leave in November, including António Ferreira dos Santos, Inspector General of Finance since 2021. The news is reported by the newspaper “Eco”which cites the diploma corresponding to the first phase of the State reform, and which was published this Tuesday in Diário da República.

According to the diploma, the termination of services will be automatic, but the “holders of management positions remain in office until the conclusion of the respective merger processes or restructuring†.

In addition to the inspector general of Finance, the heads of the Government IT Network Management Center (CEGER), the Public Administration Shared Services Entity are also targeted. (ESPAP), the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the JurisAPP and PlanApp competence centers.

The Executive’s plan is to merge the general secretariats of eight ministries into a large general secretariat that will concentrate Environment, Economy, Education, Finance, Justice, Health, Labor and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. In other words, four of the 11 general secretariats that exist today will be eliminated.

For January 2025, the door is still open for the termination of the directors of the general secretariats of Economy and Environment and Energy, and, in June 2025, of the leadership of the general secretariats of Finance. §as and Labor.

The Executive wants to reduce management positions by 25%, gradually, until January 2026. The initiative comes as a result of a State reform announced by the Government about a week ago, and with which savings should be made around 23 million euros per year. In the note announcing the promulgation, Belém wrote that the measure “constitutes a commitment proposed and assumed by the previous Government”, as “as a condition of disbursement by the European Commission of the fifth tranche of the PRR”.


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