Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Disney and Netflix begin to flee Joe Biden as Donald Trump prepares the party

Joe List is a popular comedian in the New England region of the eastern United States, an expert in rabble-rousing about politicians. On Monday morning, Expresso caught him at the Coffee Exchange, a cafeteria on the outskirts of Brown University, which he attended. Asked about the timing of the presidential race in the United States, List laughed and spat out part of his coffee, apologizing for his “huge despair†.

“It resembles a duel during a cycling stage. At the moment when the freshest athlete shoots towards the top of the mountain, his rival can only follow him with his eyes. According to this perspective, Democrat Joe Biden will be the politician who pedals to survive , after his poor performance in the June 27th debate. His party politicians and donors are asking him to step aside, given his apparent cognitive impairment, reflecting the opinion of more than two-thirds of Americans expressed in successive surveys.

Faced with the self-destruction of the opposing candidacy, Donald Trump remained silent, knowing that, next week, the same people who observe Biden’s fragility will witness his own enthronement at the Party convention Republican. The motivation of the supporters and the television spectacle will accentuate the contrast.

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