Hundreds of immigrants continue to despair at the door of AIMA

A year ago, Eli Passos came to Portugal with his boyfriend. At 25 he left Brazil to find a better life, but it hasn’t been easy.

“On September 4th I passed through Foreigners and Borders Service (…) and I delivered all the requested documents and even more. I’m still waiting today. They gave a deadline of 60 working days (…), then they informed me that it was 90 days and since then I haven’t had an answer,†explains Eli Passos.

At 9pm on Sunday they were already at the door of AIMA, in Lisbon, trying to get a password. Another attempt to see the process move forward: “We lost a loved one and we can’t go back to see our family because we are unable to do so. I’ve already lost several job opportunities because I don’t have a home, I can’t get my license because I don’t have a home”, says Eli emotionally.

And the case repeats itself, not once, not twice, but thousands. “I applied last year, on September 18th of last year, in 2023, but I still haven’t received my residence card. I’m waiting for the card. I don’t have any information My wife lives in Bangladesh and she is very sick. I am very worried and my life is very difficult”, says one of the immigrants.

Complications shared by many. People left their countries with work visas, but the processes have been pending for months. Many started at the time of the SEF. And if life hasn’t been easy on the immigrants’ side, neither has it for the employees of the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum (AIMA).

The agency was created seven months ago, at the time there was already talk about the lack of human resources, which is now felt. Given the volume of work and the inability to respond to the number of requests and processes, at least 100 employees have already said they want to leave.


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