IKEA opens virtual store within a video game and will pay almost 15 euros per hour to anyone who works there

The Swedish chain of furniture and decoration stores announced the launch of a virtual store within the Roblox video game. He is recruiting assistants and offers €14.80 per hour to anyone who joins.

The initiative is described as an “immersive experience”, simulating a traditional IKEA establishment, but in a completely virtual environment. Roblox is a video game known for simulating different aspects of real life, such as driving, building houses or sports.

From June 24th, players will be able to purchase furniture and other utensils for their home in this simulated world. As in any other IKEA store, there will be assistants to guide customers and help them with their purchases. This is where the company’s recruitment comes in.

According to the information in the site of applications, the salary for the position is €14.80 per hour, corresponding to the average remuneration of an IKEA employee in London: after all the math, the value will exceed the 2,000 euros per month. Duties include providing assistance to other players, but also serving food in the store’s restaurant.

No official statementIKEA says it wants to show that “there is no defined path for career progression”.

Applications opened this Tuesday and run until June 16th. Between the 14th and 18th of this month, the company will interview the selected candidates and choose 10 workers to assist customers in the store, which opens on June 24th. Only residents of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland who are of legal age can apply.


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