In Serra da Estrela there is a new heart-shaped swing that is the tallest in Portugal

“Swinging 2000 meters high with a breathtaking view†, from the terrace on the first floor of the A Torre restaurant, “is a unique experience†, guarantees Paulo Silva, manager of the space located at the top of Serra da Estrela. The swing, opened on June 23rd, aims, reinforces Paulo Silva, to “promote a new chapter in the history of the restaurant and the place†. With the shape of a star and the swing representing a heart, it has the writing at the top “The highest†, it is free to access, even for those who are not customers of the establishment, and want to , concludes the manager “attracting visitors who will have access to a set of breathtaking landscapes†.

A Torre

The swing will remain in place throughout the year, and, the owner of the space believes, it will be “equally fascinating in winter, with snow covering the region†. The new structure complements the offer of the A Torre development, which features the O Chalet restaurant, a space in the heart of the Serra da Estrela ski resort, usually open when there is snow, with a terrace with entertainment from a DJ, and the A Torre restaurant, dedicated to typical gastronomy of the region.

A Torre

To begin with, at the A Torre restaurant, where the swing is located, there are “Wild mushrooms with sheep’s cheese†, “Cheese in olive oil†and “Tábua serrana†with sheep’s cheese, ham , homemade jam, olives, cheese in olive oil and homemade butter. In the “Typical dishes of Serra de Estrela†you can choose from “Grilled lamb†, “Boar beans†, “Shepherd-style beans†, “Pot in the mountain oven†, “Chanfana serrana†and also for the “Cabrito à pastor†.

A Torre

At the A Torre restaurant there is also “Bacalhau à Torre†and “Truta das águas fridas da serra†, “Chicken steaks with mushrooms†, “Red steak grilled with aromatic herbs†and – œPork tenderloin with chestnuts and sheep’s cheese. In terms of desserts, the “Pudim Pão†, the “Papas de carolo†, the “Arroz-doce†and the “Cream cheese with pumpkin jam†complement the traditional cuisine on offer. Accompany the meal with our own brand beer, Torre, produced by Praxis.

A Torre

O A Torre restaurant (Edifício Diamante, 1st floor, Torre, Seia. Tel. 963627699) open every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. It only closes when the roads are closed due to snow.


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