Israel massacres schools and refugee camps, famine spreads throughout the territory (war, day 279)

Israeli troops launched a series of attacks against schools and refugee camps in the center and south of the Gaza Strip, after engaging in some of the fiercest fighting since October 7 on Monday.

During the night, Israeli bombers hit the Nuseirat refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip. At least 16 people died, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. “Many others were injured and some people are still missing, fearing they are under the rubble,†Al Jazeera reported.

This morning, the Bureij refugee camp, half an hour away from Nuseirat, was also targeted by Tel Aviv forces. The attack caused at least five deaths, including children playing ball in the street, the same source reported, and several injured.

At the same time, Israel carried out, this Tuesday, the fourth attack on a school in four days, reported Al Jazeera. At least 29 people died following the attack on a school converted into a shelter for displaced Palestinians, in Abasan, near Khan Younis, in the south of the country, a source from the Palestinian Government’s press office announced.

The latest Israeli attacks will have caused at least 60 [mortos] in the last few hours”, mostly women and children. Tel Aviv has been intensifying its military operations at a time when, paradoxically, talks about a ceasefire agreement are once again gaining prominence.

At the same time, survival in Gaza is increasingly difficult. Hunger has already spread throughout the Palestinian enclave, revealed a group of independent experts mandated by the UN. At least 33 children died from malnutrition, especially in northern areas particularly affected by Israeli attacks, Reuters reported, citing local health authorities.

With the conflict spreading to the south, three deaths of children due to malnutrition were also recorded in this area. “There is no doubt that the famine spread from northern Gaza to central and southern Gaza,†the experts declared. The UN special rapporteur on the right to food condemned “Israel’s intentional and targeted campaign of hunger against the Palestinian people†. Israel’s diplomatic mission in Geneva described the expert group’s findings as “disinformation.”

It should be remembered that the Israeli offensive in the south of the territory, namely in Rafah, and the closure of this border crossing with Egypt at the beginning of May, have made it difficult for humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinians. Several hundred trucks have been waiting for more than two months to enter Gaza and distribute food and medicine, some of which have spoiled due to precarious storage conditions and high temperatures.

Other news that marked the day:

⇒ Benjamin Netanyahu will answer in court for corruption charges in a trial scheduled to begin on December 2, the Jerusalem District Court decided, cited by Lusa. The process began in May 2020, but was postponed in 2022 and, again, after the October 7th attacks. The Israeli prime minister is accused of fraud, bribery and breach of trust in three different cases of corruption.

‘The Israeli Army gave its soldiers “carte blanche†to shoot almost indiscriminately at civilians, according to internal sources told the independent online magazine ‘+972’. Some said they shot Palestinian civilians just for entering an area defined as a “no-go zone†by the military, others said they shot randomly to ease tension. “Personally, I fired some bullets for no reason, into the sea, onto the sidewalk or into an abandoned building,†an Israeli reservist told the Israeli-Palestinian publication.

⇒ Talks on a ceasefire agreement in Gaza continued this Tuesday, with a meeting between the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the director of the CIA, William Burns, and an Israeli delegation in Cairo, Reuters reported. Negotiations will resume on Wednesday in Doha, Qatar and, on Thursday, again in Cairo.


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